Monthly Archives: April 2018

Night routine, do you have one?

I have definitely one and it really helps me a lot also in dealing with the autoimmune disease.

The night is mostly for preparation and doing things offline as much as I can. Trying to avoid blue light. Like preparing the food and smoothies for the next day.

Also the evening meditation before going to bed. That also really helps me with the bruxism I think due to leaving less for the brain to process while sleeping & dreaming.

Mapping my top 3 priorities for the next day helps me to focus on them easier and get things done.

Some brainstorming and thinking about my numero uno goal or problem that I try to solve before going to bed, primes up my mind.

The most important rule is to go to bed at least 7 (or better 8) hours before the intended wake up time.



Enough of the morning routine. What about the day routine?

Of course, as the good autoimmune soldier, I have also a da(il)y routine.

It’s more like a guideline than a routine but nevertheless. First, let me tell you that a autoimmune disease can strike anytime anywhere and cause you pain or other uncomfortable feelings. How do I deal with the pain? I do some deep breathing and meditation. The key is not to think your pain away, just concentrate on it, feel it and in time it will come a part of you where you do not feel that much of a discomfort. O course our goal is to get rid of the pain altogether and that’s what we are working on.

Preparing your food beforehand is also key to a daily routine. If I want to get things done, I must be prepared beforehand or shit hits the fan quick and I get frustrated not finishing things. As you know from my previous posts I eat a salad with every meal. So the ingredients of my big salad are prepared and I mix them for the meals. I also love and eat my pseudo grains with my salads. This must be also prepared beforehand. I soak them 24 hours in water and cook them at least 15 minutes in the pressure cooker.

If I want to finish a task, full concentration is required, no social media, no procrastination whatsoever. I can’t just cut my internet connection so I use bookmarks instead. Everything that comes to my mind and needs some type of online interaction I save as a bookmark to be done later in a batch processed way. That saves me huge amounts of time.

Also looking sometimes at the huge dream board gives a good motivational boost. Yeah, I got one of these dream boards after making fun of them, how silly they are and so, I got really into it after factasticgirl put one up.

That’s a rough description of my da(il)y routine. See you on the next post about my evening routine.