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Eat your healthy salad with every meal

Oh yeah, salad again!

The one thing that worked miracles for my autoimmune disease was a big salad with every meal. It really doesn’t matter if you have Hashimoto, diabetes (upward type 2), rheumatoid arthritis, etc… Salads and leafy greens will help you heal your gut and get rid of your symptoms.

When I say big salad, I mean a big salad. If other people are not shocked or not commenting about size of our salads than we are not doing it right.

Here are some examples footage from my meals.

For reference a kiwi fruit resting next to my bowl of salad.

In the previous post, we talked about mindset and the can-do mentality. It really helped me a lot to eat mostly the same things over and over again. After a while, I get used to my salads without dressing. Sometimes I was adding a pinch of salt to my big bowl but that was it as far as flavor enhancers go.

Don’t be intimidated by the salads, try to enjoy them, if you don’t, in the beginning, you will after a while. This kind of disease¬†forces us even to train our taste buds.

Eat your salads, chew them well and stay healthy. Till next time.

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