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My Autoimmune Taming Morning Routine part 2 – Cold Showers in Detail

As mentioned in my previous post my morning routine involves also taking cold showers, let me explain to you why this helped me a lot to tame the beast…

Personally, they help me to decrease my pain levels and the inflammation my body is creating due to attacking itself because of my autoimmune disease.

Cold showers can help you, in combination with breathing techniques and meditation, decrease your inflammation levels.

They activate the sympathetic nervous system and promote wakefulness, simply it’s a good thing to wake up.

Cold showers activate your immune system and regular exposure to cold showers increases your immune system cells.

They probably also help you to recover your muscle power faster from a muscle soreness.

If you want to activate your brown fat (brown adipose tissue), cold showers can help you also with that. Nice side effects are that your body generates heat and burns calories.

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