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What is the humane microbiome? Scientists have been working to specify the definition of the human microbiome and the microbiota that can often be used interchangeably. The  microbiome is defined as the catalog of the microbial taxa associated microbes and their genes whereas microbiota as the microbial taxa composed of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses. The ratio of bacteria in the human body  to the number of human cells (≈37 trillion) is estimated to be 1.3. If we have more of these microorganisms than we have our own human cells and carry around of them about 0.2 kg in our body, what is their relevance to our health and disease?

Most microbes reside only in the colon (which has a volume of 0.4 litres) and yet still not discovered but still in research for its influence in various diseases such as:

So far we have learnt that microbiome represents an important environmental factor that can influence various disease manifestation. Discussion focuses on the therapeutic potential to modify the intestinal microbial population with probiotics, prebiotics, and taking care of the oral microbiome. We can boost our innate immune and the adaptive immune system improving our diet, lowering stress, and exercising regularly with supporting our body’s microbiome.

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