The Cause of Autoimmune Diseases are Unknown - Part 3

The Cause of Autoimmune Diseases are Unknown - Part 3

What is most likely causing our leaky gut?

Some of the daily and popular foods like:Acidic sodas (phosphoric acid), antibacterial herbal teas, alcohol (beer, wine) and coffee kill our much-needed good gut workers in our microbiome.

Combined with Fatty foods, especially that are rich in saturated fats, the good bacterial population is reduced and high-meat diets promote bacteria that has a tolerance to bile in our gut. This promotes DNA damage and cancer growth. Also, Creating an unhealthy gut environment trains our immune system in a way, that it gets confused and attacks our own body.

Another problem is our modern farming practices like spraying everything with pesticides that alter the bacterial balance.

Most of the animal products contain residues of antibiotics fed/injected into the animals and kill also our beneficial gut bacteria.

Asking for and getting prescription for antibiotics, just to be safe, which inevitably unbalances the microbiome is also not the best idea.

Some or all of the above-mentioned foods, drugs, and medications can reduce the numbers of beneficial organisms in the gut lining. Unfriendly and harmful microbes set up housekeeping in the mucus layer and injure the integrity of the intestinal wall. Our gut gets more “leaky” and lets more and more molecules through, that should never enter the bloodstream.

This foreign molecules or protein fragments in our bloodstream can deposit at our joints and cause reactions, ranging from a little uncomfortable inflammation to hot and painful swelling.

Chronic inflammation is tedious for our body and over the years can result in contracture, loss of function, tissue scarring of the joint and organ failures. Our heart, lung, eye, kidney and so on will suffer damage from repeated inflammation over the years and cause a rheumatoid lung, failing rheumatoid heart, bleeding kidneys and so on.

Stay away from standard diets that recommend or lead to eating: daily meat consumption, dairy products, processed foods, concentrated sugars, preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other chemicals because this will lead with a high probability to all kind of health problems including chronic inflammation.

Part 4 of this series will be about some specific culprits for chronic inflamation.