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The Cause of Autoimmune Diseases are Unknown – Part 4

Here are some of the bad boys that cause inflammation.

While any protein food “parts” can leak into the bloodstream and cause inflammation in the joints, there are some foods you should definitely avoid while beginning your gut repair.

Red meat should be avoided and especially pork meat.

Chicken protein and eggs.

Wheat protein from wheat cereals, pizza, pasta, bread,…

Soy products like tempeh, soy-meat, tofu and so on…

Milk proteins from dairy products like yogurt, ice cream, cheese, chocolate,…

Avoid all fats from animal products (highly saturated) and oils (olive oil, palm oil, etc.) except Omega 3 from plant sources like algae.

Sometimes also nightshade vegetables like potatoes (sweet potato is not a nightshade and causes no inflammation), tomatoes, eggplants, peppers,…

After a few months of gut healing, the nightshade vegetables can be introduced one sort at a time.

And what are foods to begin with for our gut healing? We will discuss that in part 5 of this series.


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