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My "Feeling the Best" Morning Routine part 1

Why is a morning routine important?

Why is this happening to me? The autoimmune culprit!

The symptoms of the autoimmune disorders aren’t visible at first.

Where to buy prebiotics?

You do not need to buy probiotic supplements! What do I eat daily? When I say prebiotics, my friends look at me blankly and probably they search it on their...


What is the humane microbiome? Scientists have been working to specify the definition of the human microbiome and the microbiota that can often be used interchangeably. The microbiome is defined...

Autoimmune Disorders - 1

Autoimmunity was first described as “horror autotoxicus” (horror of self-toxicity) by Nobel Laureate Paul Ehrlich at the beginning of the twentieth century to depict the immune system mechanism response to...

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